R&D Project initiatives in Pharmacy

Our pharmacy institutions SVCP in Bhimavaram and VIPER in Narsapur are pioneers in carrying out the Research and Development work in pharmacy sector among the private pharmacy institutions in Andhrapradesh. Several R&D project initiatives got encouraging funding from agencies like DST and AICTE, ICMR and CSIR.
Following are some of the R&D projects being carried out by the faculty of our pharmacy institutions

  • Design and Synthesis of nitric oxide donating phenoxazine derivatives as reverters of multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer
  • Mechanistic Studies: Acridones as reverters of multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer
  • Design and synthesis of nitric oxide donating acridone derivatives as chemo sensitizing agents in cancer
  • Novel heme complexing acridone derivative as reverters of drug resistance in malaria

Research Laboratory facilities developed

  • Advanced molecular modeling and drug design facilities like Schrodinger Suite with work station has been developed in support of AICTE and DST funds.
  • Micro plate reader and washer were procured in part of establishment of cell culture laboratory with the support of DST.


  • “Career Award for Young Teachers” to Dr.V.V.S.Rajendra Prasad by AICTE, 2012.
  • “Fast Track Young Scientist Award” to Dr.V.V.S.Rajendra Prasad by DST, 2011.

Research Publications with impact factor during last academic year:

  • V.V.S.Rajendra Prasad, G.Deepak Reddy, D.Appaji, G.J.Peters, Y.C Mayur. “Chemosensitizing acridones: In vitro calmodulin dependent cAMP Phosphodiesterase inhibition, docking, pharmacophore modeling and 3D QSAR studies” Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modeling, 40 (2013) 116–124. [Publisher: ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 2.8].
  • V.V.S.Rajendra Prasad, G.J.Peters, Clara Lemos, Ietje Kathmann, Y.C Mayur. “Cytotoxicity Studies of some novel fluoro acridone derivatives against sensitive and resistant cancer cell lines and their mechanistic studies, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 43 (2011) 217–224. [Publisher: ELSEVIER, Impact Factor: 3.2].
  • V.V.S. Rajendra Prasad, Y.C. Mayur. Synthesis and Cytotoxicity of Bis-1,3,4-oxadiazoles and Bis-pyrazoles Derived from 1,4-Bis[5-thio-4-substituted-1,2,4- triazol-3-Yl]-butane and Their DNA Binding Studies. Arch. Pharm. Chem. Life Sci. 2012, 000, 1–7. [Publisher: WILEY INTERSCIENCE, Impact Factor: 1.7].