Anjani Powder Research Centre

Initiated by Anjani Cements Ltd.

Anjani Powder Research Centre focuses on research in powder technology. Research work on various aspects such as particle production and characterization of surface area, size, size - distribution, shape, flowability, surface charge and cohesiveness is being conducted.

The centre takes contract research on design of powders to change shape of particles and improve flowability of powders.

Research Facilities available
Powder Characterization Instruments, Powder Preparation Machines, Compressive Strength Machine, Furnaces, Mixers, Humid Chambers, Image Analysis, Chem. CAD, MATLAB...

Consultancy Services offered

Complete Powder Analysis Filtration and Centrifuge
Training on Powder Technologies Cyclone design and evaluation
Projects in enhancing Powder Characteristics Evaluation of storage silo and retrofitting for mass flow silo
Mill Circuit Analysis Powder Process design and analysis
Cement Testing Food Products Testing
Short Courses  

Current Projects

  • Optimization of particle size of cement using image analysis for Anjani Cements Ltd.,
  • Modification of particle to control tap and bulk density of powder for Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.,
  • Flowability enhancement of API of Everest Organics Ltd.,
  • Complete cement testing for Anjani Cements Ltd.,
  • Conditions for dust explosion in Clinker Silo for J.K laxmi cements Ltd., Sirohi, Rajastan.
  • Powder Characterization of Polymer Filler Powder for Soltex Petro Products Ltd., Mumbai.
  • Comparison of particle distributions by various methods for Associate Soap Stones, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

For further details please contact

Mr. Altaf Hussain
Mobile : +91 - 9440 425 786 ,
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