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Georgia Tech University

Sri Vishnu Educational Society has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sanada Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. This MoU was signed on 1st November 2012 to technically support the SVES colleges in the area of Cloud Computing. On behalf of Sanada Inc., Dr. Ada Gavrilovska, senior research scientist of Georgia Tech., is working closely with the staff and students of BVRIT and sister colleges to promote the technology. BVRIT has set up a special cloud computing lab in its Narsapur campus for this purpose. This lab focuses on the three major aspects of college education that make a difference in the learning experience of students and staff members – training, projects and research.

The collaboration was effected with a view to achieve the following:


  • Educate students and faculty members on Cloud Technology
  • Promote research and projects in the area of Cloud Computing
  • Encourage collaboration and participation from other educational institutes and industry


As a result of the formation of this lab, BVRIT is already seeing positive results. Some of the activities that have taken place since the MoU was signed include:


  • Cloud Computing is now being offered as an elective to 4th year students and has generated tremendous enthusiasm among students
  • 8 undergraduate teams are doing projects on cloud computing
  • 2 funded research projects have started
  • An IEEE-sponsored seminar on Cloud Computing was organized at BVRIT
  • Multiple teaching and training sessions have been conducted by Dr. Ada and external trainers and many more are planned
  • BVRIT staff and students interact with Dr. Ada on a weekly basis through Skype


Going forward, BVRIT is planning to take this collaboration to a different level in association with educated staff and industry partners. Some of the key activities planned in the near future are:


  • Organize an international conference with Cloud Computing as a sub-theme
  • Interact closely with educational institutes and industry and foster interactions for mutual benefit
  • Take up more research projects while continuing with undergraduate projects
  • Establish the BVRIT Cloud Computing Center as a well-known and well-equipped facility for research and consulting.